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building 32
Well I made it back east and after a couple days, back to work too.

The view from home is a bit different
And so is the walk to work
Teele sq
Davis Sq.

Well, That's It.


NHCToday was the last teaching day of class. All that's left is the technology fair/give away on Thursday. That will be an opportunity for some review as the students setup the accounts and settings for others, but no new information.

Give Away and Rain

I'm not sure which is the bigger news, the computer giveaway or the first significant rain since I've been here. The rain started just as I was loading the last giveaway into a woman's truck, so I'm going to take it as a good omen. Presumable most people aren't here for a weather report though so I will talk some about the giveaway.

Down to the wire

demoOne class to go until the Tech Fair/give away day. I wish we had more time to spend on software, hardware and installs have really sucked up the time, but we'll get there. In future I'd either split the class into two, one hardware and one software, or make it a summery practicum class requiring Operating Systems Fundamentals and Hardware Fundamentals.

Navajo Weaving



\" rug\=

Final weekend rambles.


road upDidn't quit make it to the top there, the pitch went up an the ground got sandier, and that was a bit too daring on my own without having told anyone where I was going or when I'd be back. But there was quite a view. The little digital doesn't like the haze, so you'll need to trust me a bit on that one.


Navajo Screenshot
We have the reading colors section of gcompris translated and working. The working part didn't happen until after class, mostly because it was much simpler than I'd thought. Maybe we can have a translation editor open at the Tech Fair and people add to the translations as they go by...

Tsaile Techology Fair Thursday July 5th 2007


Next Thursday we're holding the first (annual?) Diné College Technology Fair. This was a student generated idea, though I forget just whose and no one is claiming responsibility...

Everyone has an off day right?


 I killed my demonstration machine right before class today so I didn't have a system like the students systems to project on the screen. Since my plan for the morning was to go over the GUI environment and installed applications this was a little bit of a problem.

What a long strange trip it's been

So I spent the weekend up in Durango, CO a pretty tourist town on the edge of the San Juan Mountains. It reminded me how much I don't really miss "civilization". Also saw a Celtic Heritage festival there and ran into Renaissance Faire in Mancos, CO on the way back. This put an odd perspective on things in general...



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