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See, I told you I have students!




Bert and Fray

As you can see, Ed gave me the CD he promised along with permission to use them for Imara. We're rolling right along in class. Students have three PC each substantially complete, will probably end up with five each (one to keep four to give) at the end of it all.

Long Wonderful Day



Diné Perspectives

I had a very exciting day today. I'd been becoming concerned about the lack of Dine? involvement in the direction this project. The students are almost exclusively Dine? and they've been very responsive to topics in class, but I hadn't gotten any input on what local needs are or how the class and computer distribution would really help the community. But today I got quite a lot of feed back and ideas about what people want and what they don't want. Ahe'hee'!

I'd though I'd brought all these point up before but today some of them caught.

My download completed...

The Debian mirror job finally finished yesterday (good thing I only mirrored i386 and not all the architectures), working on a local mirror of the security updates now. We can do installs Monday, even if we have to wait a couple days to talk about security updates.

Bad network, no biscuit!

I'm living right on the edge of the current wireless coverage, well perhaps a bit over the edge. On a good day my signal/noise is 5, and it's a good thing that this fairly quiet on the RF out here as the signal hovers between -85dB and -92dB. In other words the signal as awful and I've been lucky to get what I've gotten. Well, I haven't been so luck the past 48hr or so.

It's up now though, and tomorrow we should have a live test of the new repeater station, though sans pole, so it probably won't be able to actually stay up and get me network.

Busy day, but not much to say...

blankGot no picture today, sorry guys. Supposed to have someone from the press office at the College come through an take pictures tomorrow, so maybe I'll steal some of those. Class today was one more hardware upgrade, so at this point we have two workable computers per student, one to keep and one to give away. Not bad for the first week. Next up we get into real OS issues or configuration and management.

Another tough weekend...



Walked up the hill behind campus yesterday, got quite a view. It's been a hard weekend like that.

Antenna Day

hogan repeater Spent the day thinking about antennas, well mostly remembering what I'd forgotten about antennas and writing ugly little scripts so I wouldn't have to remember long. Not too much to tell about that, just spent a good seven or eight hours hunched over the laptop. Kevin had a phone system crisis to deal with so, Monday we'll sit down and decide what we need. What we need first is some measurements on what area these repeaters need to cover, that should be simple.

The visible computer

visible pc This is our demo unit. Very handy for pointing out parts as we're talking about them. That naked hard drive was spinning. It was an excellent demo both of how hard drives work and how fragile they are as we watched it start to throw I/O errors and finally just stop spinning all together. Today was a bit of a free for all in class, good thing we have a 4:1 student to teacher ratio.

Today's weather: Blowing Dust

blowing dust I didn't even realize "blowing bust" was weather until today, but boy is it! I have dust in my socks despite having worn hiking boots all day, to say nothing of my nose and teeth. In case you didn't guess from my stunning image selection, it's another day with no pictures of class (left my cf card in the laptop I didn't bring to class, had the camera though). The wind brought us three power outages today.



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