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First Day of Class

Jon My sister says I should have a picture of my self up here and I didn't take any pictures in class, so here I am. Hello World. The first day of class went very well (I think). We had eight people which is a pretty full house given the space. The students also represent a wider cross section of the local community than just the undergraduates I expected. I think we have a a very good group.



Long day for a Sunday

I usually try to avoid working Sundays, but today David and I spent some quality time arranging the room and categorizing the computers we have on hand for demonstration and distribution. The existing thin client network for software work is pretty much in order, just a slight rearrangement to fit the projector in was about all that needed. thin clients
The hardware side needed a bit more work. chaos

Mary's Hogan

Mary's Hogan
I've never met Mary. I don't know her last name or what she does here at Diné College, but I'm subletting her hogan for the next 5 weeks while working on the Imara/Dine? project



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