What a long strange trip it's been

So I spent the weekend up in Durango, CO a pretty tourist town on the edge of the San Juan Mountains. It reminded me how much I don't really miss "civilization". Also saw a Celtic Heritage festival there and ran into Renaissance Faire in Mancos, CO on the way back. This put an odd perspective on things in general...

Fray and JamesBack in Tsaile, students finished up the last of the hardware bits today. They built up their machines to take home, after a bit of polish on the video and audio systems they'll be ready to take home tomorrow. This should give them more casual time to poke around with the software environment.

James (one of the students) and his wife are pushing ahead with a proposal for expanding the wireless connectivity from their Chapter House (think town hall, sort of) out to the homes in their community. From what I understand there's clusters of houses spaced about 1/2 - 3/4 of a mile apart with the houses in each cluster spaced about 50 yards apart or so. A little different (I think) than roofnet implementations have been. But I'm thinking some form of mesh would be best unless it's just a matter of directional antennas for everyone to be able to get back to the Chapter House, waiting to see the map and what other people in the Chapter think about the project in general.


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