Everyone has an off day right?


 I killed my demonstration machine right before class today so I didn't have a system like the students systems to project on the screen. Since my plan for the morning was to go over the GUI environment and installed applications this was a little bit of a problem.

Spent the first half hour of class trying to kludge something to gather, but to no avail. Ended up running the apps from the command line and saying "somewhere in your menus you'll find OpenOffice.Org" as I ran oowrite, and such. Also found all the things I didn't put on the install list that I should have (well maybe not all...)

we did get far enough that students too the machine home, though I expect as we work on the others we'll find more things they'll want and the systems will come back to the lab for updating.

Tomorrow is an other round of Debian installs, on hardware we've used before so that should be pretty straight up. I hope...


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