Tsaile Techology Fair Thursday July 5th 2007


Next Thursday we're holding the first (annual?) Diné College Technology Fair. This was a student generated idea, though I forget just whose and no one is claiming responsibility...

From 11am to 3pm we'll be holding court in the corridor of the GCB building showing off what we can do. On top of the usual games, office, internet, movie stuff I hope to have at least one segment of gcompris translated by the students. This educational suite for young children has always been a popular item. Local control and adaptability, being able to get under the hood as it were, is a key item of GNU/linux . Translatability is one of the first fruits of this, and translating reading games for preschoolers is much less daunting than say all in one go, so I think gcompris will produce the biggest payoff in the limited time we have left, and it uses the "standard" gettext library for translation so hopefully it will inspire people to work on more programs most of which are translated in the same way.

Following the fair will be the PC give away. If we have more PCs than preselected takers we'll have a sign up at the fair for extras. Not quite sure if that would be first come first served or raffled. We still have more machines and monitors floating in. It will be interesting to see what the final count is.


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