Navajo Weaving



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Weaving is a great art among the Diné, so I couldn't really leave without some. I'd hoped to be able to afford something maybe wash cloth sized, but as you can see I only managed coaster sized (not the a beverage will get any where near this!). Hand spun, vegetable dyed wool, it's my current pride and joy. When I'm rich and famous I'll come back for one of the lap quilt sized rugs.

This one is from the Hogháán Gift Shop on the south rim of the Canyon de Chelly. Most if not all the crafts are made by members of the owners family. She does pottery and her mother in law makes the weavings with dyes made from herbs her father in law collects for her. I got a little lesson in local herb lore with the purchace. If you want to know how to get that red from a plant or make a relaxing herbal tea that boost the immune system, you'll need to stop by the Hogháán and ask.

If you want to know more about Navajo textile and fiber arts Weaving in Beauty seems to have some good information to my uneducated Bilagaana eyes.


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